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Both colour and black and white photographs of local scenes in Worcestershire, especially around Pershore and the Vale of Evesham
Footpath to the AbbeyPershore Abbey from WetlandsStanding TallThe Weir, PershoreSpringtime in the Orchard, Atch LenchStanding Proud, CroomeMisty Morning, Abbey Park, PershoreAvenue of Trees, Abbey Park, PershoreBluebells, British Camp, Malvern HillsBluebells, Clent HillsBluebells 3, Tiddesley WoodBredon Hill PoppiesPershore Abbey from River Avon in WinterEckington and Malverns in WinterBluebells, Lickey HillsEarly Morning Mist, FladburyMisty Sunrise, FladburyFocus on RedFamily Outing, River Avon, PershoreRiver Avon, Fladbury Panorama