Hanging Plan for RPS Fellowship WebsiteHanging Plan for RPS Fellowship WebsiteWas thrilled and honoured to be awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society on the 13th May, 2021 for my panel of images taken in Tiddesley Wood, near Pershore. These images were made on several visits to the wood during the winter of the Covid 19 pandemic where, as my statement explains, I enjoyed just being amongst nature in its purest form. I enjoyed the stillness and solitude I experienced during a period of very restrictive and tough times which also gave me the much needed opportunity to continue to create images and fulfil my photographic passion. Statement of Intent  -  Landscape Fellowship  -  13th May 2021


Tiddesley Wood is a 6,000 year old ancient woodland near Pershore, close to where I live, previously owned by the Abbots of Pershore Abbey.  It is currently in the hands of Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.

In winter, the frosts and mists transform it into a wonderland.  I call it my happy place where, in a world of constant change and uncertainty, I can find solace by immersing myself amongst the trees as they stand majestic and patient. I like to capture those quiet, early morning moments when the mists create a timeless atmosphere, adding mystery to the woodland whilst the frosted carpet protects the dormant life under my feet.

I loved creating this body of work, which allows me to portray the calmness and beauty of my local woodland during the sometimes harsh and lonely winter months.